WildMog®- The Luxury Expedition Vehicle

"To boldly go where no-one has gone before".

How do you experience the world's loneliest corners, the most beautiful hideouts, the wildest rainforest imaginable – free to go when you want, where you want, as independent as the first pioneer that set foot on virgin soil?

You want to be in the middle of nowhere, sipping a glass of wine as you watch the sun set over the Nairobi desert, or look at the stars on a deserted beach along the Panama coastline. But to get there you need a rig. Not just any rig. You want a WildMog®.

It's a specially designed, uniquely customized 10+ ton powerhouse to support your off-road explorations. Conceived by travelers for travelers, this armored home built on a Unimog U500 base has everything you want on the road: – a range of 2000+ mi (3500+ km), 380+ gallons (1400+ l) of water, the power to ascend a 70° steep climb, fine-grained speed control, both left and right hand drive, space shuttle heat insulation technology, a switch to inflate and deflate your tires from inside, a 1600Ah Li-ion solar-powered battery pack - and that's just for starters.

Envision the comfort and luxury of a real house – a soft queen-size bed, a washing machine for a steady supply of clean clothes, both a diesel powered and an induction cooker so your meals can be exquisite even though you’re on the road. Not to mention the bathroom with its teak or mahogany shower and porcelain vacuum toilet.

Every single extra feature has been carefully balanced to maximize space and utility. WildMog® has an open-space duplex living zone, letting you write your journal at the fully-fledged desk upstairs, while at the same time letting your significant other read a book in the sitting corner or cook dinner while listening to music.

Where others stop, we kept on improving our safety measures. No more dangerous propane to fuel your kitchen stove, but a combination of both induction-based and altitude-compensated diesel cooking. The aluminum body, built to military specs, lets you sleep safe and sound.

We know what we're talking about. Every drop of travel experience gathered over the past 25 years has been crystallized into the design of WildMog®. It offers power, stability, luxury and freedom, all in one. Every WildMog® can be uniquely customized. WildMog® stands for the most amazing quality off-road travel experience available. We are committed to your safety – so you can live the dream, in the comfort of your home.


Be a King off the road - with your WildMog™.