Welcome to WildMog®

What is WildMog®?

WildMog® is a multi-purpose compact body built on the proven durable Unimog U500 chassis.
It is ideally suited for special-purpose applications such as:

WildMog® has superb insulation. Components are of the highest possible quality. Dual systems in case there is a failure (so called: redundant systems as are used in aircraft) to ensure backup systems. This translates into superior reliability and longevity and a high residual value.


Innovative elements


What makes WildMog® unique?
  • 4x4 off-road Unimog U500 chassis - conquers all off-road terrain. The WildMog body has a stainless steel with aluminum construction and only the very best materials: build to last.
  • SuSo Slide Up/Slide Out - create lots of space.
  • A compact body - drive through narrow streets and cross small bridges.
  • Customized interior design - tailored to specialized applications.


For more information, please contact ms@WildMog.com.
We will be happy to answer your questions.